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Where do I watch the livestream?

The livestream is viewable on the SanreStreaming platform (www-39b13.hosts.cx). Login to your account for access at the scheduled time.

How can I watch the livestream once logged into my account?

Once logged in to your account, click on your livestream ticket. This will lead you to your purchase page that will have a button that says ‘view stream’. The livestream in available on your computer, phone, tablet or other PEDs.

Can I watch a livestream after it airs?

Our livestreams are genuinely live events. However, it’s fully up to the artist’s discretion if they want to leave a stream up. It’s also their choice to leave it up permanently or for a shorter period.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

We are an event-based platform, so all sales are final once purchased. If the event is cancelled or postponed for any reason, then provided the event is rescheduled, tickets will not be refunded and will remain valid for the event as rescheduled.

Where can I find my purchased tickets?

Login to account, click on the “Tickets” button; and there you will find all of your purchased tickets.

What is my confirmation for my tickets?

The confirmation for your ticket is your email confirmation. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. Your confirmation can also be found in your account if you login and click on the “Tickets” tab and proceed to your event.

What if I didn’t get an email confirmation?

Check your spam/junk folder. If still not seen, re-login to your account, click “Tickets”, then make sure your ticket contact information is correct.

How can I change which email and phone number I am being contacted at?

To change the phone number or email address associated with a specific ticket, sign into your account, click on the “Tickets” button, then click on your event. There you will see the option to change phone numbers and emails.

I’m in a different time zone, how do I know when the livestream starts?

The livestream will have the accurate time zone and date listed. Please remember that not all shows are available for re-watch and all sales are final.

How can I watch other livestreams?

On the SanreStreaming homepage you can scroll down to view all of our upcoming livestreams.